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        Welcome to Kahiau's Bakery & Cafe
         In Hawaiian Kahiau means "To Give Generously From The Heart" 
(Pronounced like Ka-He-Ow)

I take pride in every single thing I make. I hand make everything you see, from my heart, so you can give your loved ones gifts from your heart. Please, take a look around and let me know what I can make for you. I welcome custom orders anytime.

April 17th - 23rd
Want to know what this about? Pledge to go Vegan for a week. We have partnered with Compassion Over Killing to get the word out about this week long event. Check out the website to learn about how you can join and receive free newsletters, tips, recipes and check out local events in your area. 
If we are open in time we will be having 10%off your entire order. If we re not open we will be honoring the 10% off the first week if you pledge!
Check it out! 
VegWeek 2017

   Visit our retail location
  The Virginia Beach Farmers Market.
  3640 Dam Neck Road
  Suite 616B
  Va Beach, Va 23453
Something for 2017!!
In October we helped save 10 pigs from a North Carolina farmer who couldn't send the pigs to slaughter. Debbi who owns Over The Rainbow Sanctuary opened her heart and land to these beautiful pigs. They are now safe and happy living out their lives free. It is not cheap to take care of 10 pigs on top of all the other animals and pigs she has. Anything I can do to help can make a huge difference. I am making and selling these Pig Cookies. They are 6 inches and are ALL Vegan. They are $8 and $5 of each cookie will go straight to Debbi. Please come out and get a sweet treat and help me raise money for Debbi and her sanctuary.
If you cant get to the shop below is the link for The Sanctuary. you can donate right to her. 

Also follow them on their facebook page

Read more about the 10 Pigs!


You can also sponsor a piggy!

Our New ALL Vegan Bakery & Cafe in Virginia Beach!
3712 S Plaza Trail #101